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Alcohol and Psoriasis

Alcohol and Psoriasis

Can you drink alcohol if you have psoriasis?

This seems to be a debatable subject on Social Media because some people say they don’t have flares from certain alcoholic drinks whereas the majority prefers to stay away as they experience flareups from any kind of alcoholic beverages.

Doctors recommend eliminating alcohol altogether. It is a well-known fact that long term consumption alcohol results in all kinds of gastrointestinal diseases, while psoriasis treatment focuses on treating gastrointestinal conditions.

By avoiding alcohol, you can avoid further damage to your liver, stomach, gut lining etc. This is why those who have the experience eliminate alcohol from their diet altogether because it does trigger flare-ups.

Which type of alcohol less harmful if you have psoriasis?

can you drink white wine and light beer if you have psoriasis

A study by Abrar A. Qureshi et al. suggests that light beer and white wine had lesser negative effects on psoriasis while non-light beer intake is associated with an increased risk of psoriasis[1].

We do not encourage or recommend drinking alcohol. However, If it is hard to give up altogether, and you will want to have a glass on holidays, then, In this case, you could choose quality white wine and light beer.

Alcohol and Leaky Gut

Keep in mind that excessive drinking of even those drinks can cause harm because ethanol in general known to be harmful[2].

According to a study by Faraz Bishehsari et al., alcohol induces gut inflammation through multiple pathways. Which in turn promotes broad-spectrum pathologies both inside and outside the Gastrointestinal tract.

In fact, many alcohol-related disorders, including cancers, liver disease, and neurological pathologies, may be exacerbated or directly affected by this alcohol-induced gut inflammation.

The inflammation itself results from oxidative and nonoxidative pathways of alcohol metabolism that lead to a leaky gut, bacterial overgrowth, dysbiosis, and alterations in the mucosal immune system[3].

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