Psoriasis Awareness Month Stories

Every August is Psoriasis Awareness Month. Share your story – Let’s raise awareness!

I am 53, an Education Assistant for an elementary school. I do not lead a stressful life. I had beautiful skin… Leanne’s Story

My diagnosis changed several times from Psoriasis to atopic dermatitis, neurodermitis, back to Psoriasis… Victoria’s Story

I have developed Psoriasis as a toddler, but none of my doctors were able to diagnose it. Sophie’s Story

I was 18 when i first got Psoriasis… Maggi’s story

My Psoriasis is genetic from My Father… Bree shares her story

Doctors often brushed it off as dandruff before it began to spread beyond my scalp.

When I was 7-years-old, I encountered a trampolining accident… Bethany shares her story

I was diagnosed at the age of 17. It was the first time and my whole body was covered

Struggles of Being Born with Psoriasis

Psoriasis from a positive perspective – healing story

She Healed Her Nail Psoriasis Naturally

She is a kind-hearted Carer and a Photography Enthusiast – Emma shares her Psoriasis Story

Coping with Severe Plaque Psoriasis – Myduyen Ngo shares her story

“For me, Psoriasis has been a privilege not a burden” – Chiara Lionel Salim’s Psoriasis Journey

Drop Everything For A Psoriasis Diagnosis

Finding Strength and Self Love in Psoriasis – Jude’s Story

She was told that she just had bad Dandruff – Desirèe Levering tells us her Psoriasis story

How to Live Laugh Love with Psoriasis! Story of Aimee Grace Godden