Psoriasis Triggers

Psoriasis Triggers

Psoriasis Triggers and Management

ATTENTION: Psoriasis triggers vary from person to person and not everyone is equally sensitive.

Therefore, do not be alarmed, some of these triggers below might NOT be a trigger for you!

If you are psoriasis is out of control despite medications and treatments, it is worth looking into your diet, lifestyle, and stress load.

Psoriasis is a nature-loving and healthy lifestyle demanding condition. It forces people to eat healthily, be active, and quit unhealthy habits.

Changing lifestyle habits that are formed over the years is hard and managing psoriasis can be overwhelming at first. But, over time, you will start recognizing its triggers, and via elimination of those triggers, you can take better control and live a flare-free life.

The below list is put together to help you observe, recognize, analyze, and eliminate the triggers. We hope it can help you speed up your learning and healing process.

Do you wish to help improve the list? Please share your thoughts and experience below, your input makes a difference and might help thousands of people.



How stress is linked & how to manage stress to better control Psoriasis?



How Weather affects Psoriasis & What can you do About it?



What type of Infections could be Aggravating your Psoriasis?


Injuries and Koebner Phenomenon

How injuries affect psoriasis?



Can you still consume Alcohol & What type of Alcohol is less damaging?



Does Smoking Triggers Psoriasis Flare-ups, & How can you Reduce the Damage?


Drugs & Medications

Which Drugs & Medications could worsen Psoriasis?


Heavy Metals & Chemicals

Are you exposed to these heavy metals and chemicals & what you can do to reduce the risk?



How do genetically modified foods affect your overall health and Psoriasis?


Processed Foods

Limiting Processed Foods reduces inflammation?


Deep Fried Foods

How Deep fried foods hurts digestion & what is the best cooking method?


Soft Drinks

What are soft drinks and why you should stop drinking them?



Why caffeine affects some people negatively more than others?


Refined Sugar

Why sugar is bad for Psoriasis & What are the better alternatives?



How chocolate affects Psoriasis and why is it not recommended?


Red Meat

How Red Meat affect Psoriasis?



Should you avoid all types of Dairy?



Should you stop eating Eggs?



Which Nightshades are more Harmful & could be aggravating Psoriasis?


Legumes Lectin

Eating healthy but still having Flareups, could lectins be the cause?



Gluten free diet worth the hype in Psoriasis Management?


Certain Fruits

Why Citrus Fruits, Strawberries and Pineapples should be observed for triggers?


Certain Nuts & Seeds

Which Nuts and Seeds are Known to trigger flare-ups?

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What Triggers Your Psoriasis?