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Basma’s Psoriasis Journey

Basma’s  Psoriasis Journey

Happy Psoriasis Awareness Month!

Hi Basma, please tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Basma, and I am 38 years old Bahraini, a mom, wife and ABA therapist (applied behavior analysis) studying towards to my BCaBA with FIT (Florida Institute Tech), which I work with kids with autism, language delay, kids with behavioral issues, etc.. I do love my job, it can be stressful but I love what I do, and I sure do love ABA.

When were you Diagnosed with Psoriasis?

I had psoriasis since I was a 6-month baby, as it started from the scalp and taken all over my body by the age of 2. I guess I was diagnosed at 1-year old or earlier, so I have lived with psoriasis ALL my life. 

What do you think caused it?

I wouldn’t know as doctors found it very strange in my case to have psoriasis at this young age, but I do think it can be genetic as I have witnessed 2 of my cousins started to have psoriasis in their 20s.

What foods do you avoid?

When I did my food intolerance test, they have mentioned Gluten, yeast, red meat, dairy, and egg, so when I do stop eating this sort of food, my psoriasis does fade out, but today I do try more to be vegetarian/vegan with NO gluten. Gluten is our worse enemy.

What foods do you eat to heal?

I like to stick to vegetarian food without Gluten because today’s Poultry foods are provided with hormones etc., unfortunately, what they sell in supermarkets is filled with chemicals just to sell and to make food delicious. It is something I try to stay away from poison food (as I like to call it)

Do you avoid Gluten and what do you think about gluten sensitivity in Psoriasis? 

Yes i do try to avoid gluten and as i said before, gluten is my biggest enemy.

A lot of people ask, what to eat for breakfast?

It all depends on your preference. I enjoy having my vegan shake mainly, and at other times I prefer eating a bowl of fruits in the morning, or I like to eat gluten-free cereal with coconut milk, etc. To be honest, there are many amazing options to have a delicious breakfast. Yes, at times, when I miss eating eggs, I would replace it with tofu, and I LOVE tofu, so there are many different options to have a good breakfast, and as you become vegan/vegetarian, you do become more creative with plant-based food.

Name your top 3 trigger
  • Stress
  • Food
  • Smoking and drinking
Name your 3 Tips for healing, how do you fight flare-ups? 

Moisturize with coconut oil, Drink loads of water in a day (at least 2ltr), and Exercise to reduce my stress. You have to learn how to change your mindset and not your life to reduce your stress as life is stressful, but you have to learn how to live around it.

What would you tell those who are newly diagnosed and looking for answers? 

To live and enjoy your life, learn to love your skin, and love yourself. Your psoriasis does not define you – you define how you want people to see you. You have to believe you can do anything when others feel they cannot, believe you can heal it within yourself (90% is based on your attitude), but also it’s ok if you fall off the wagon just remember to pick yourself up and to remember it is ok to enjoy your life.

You can find out more about Basma’s journey through her Instagram account  @lovemypsoriasis

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