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Bree’s Psoriasis Journey

Bree’s Psoriasis Journey

Happy Psoriasis Awareness Month!

Hi Bree, tell us a bit about your journey. When you have been diagnosed with Psoriasis, and what do you think caused the outbreak?

I have had one spot of Psoriasis on my elbow since the age of 13 (I’m 18 now). This spot stayed moderate until the parental break up when it started to spread all over my body. Now I have it head to toes. My 3 other sisters also have mild Psoriasis, but mine is the worst. It’s genetic from our father, so I knew immediately from the age of 13 what it was. I was officially diagnosed when I saw a dermatologist after it got worse.

At the age of 15 my parents had a messy separation, and sadly I was heavily involved with a lot of the stress and grief involved in that. I had to move home in a matter of hours, adapt to a whole new lifestyle, look after my sisters, and the list of hardships still continues to this day. After this separation, my skin flared up and spread extremely fast, leading me to believe that my Psoriasis was originally triggered by stress, and still, this is a big contributor, but now I also have to avoid certain foods which trigger inflammation.

What Foods do you Avoid?

I practice an anti-inflammatory diet. This means I avoid red meats, alcohol, sugar, smoking, dairy, gluten, and nightshade vegetables. Even the slightest bit of sugar can bring my skin’s healing process back to square 1. I have to be so so careful

What Foods do you Eat to Heal?

This is my daily skin routine, which includes everything essential to help!
Morning – I moisturize with coconut oil and drink pure aloe nectar on an empty stomach 30 minutes before breakfast. For breakfast, I have a smoothie with as many fruit and vegetables as possible (I also add a splash of apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, and honey to taste). After my smoothie, I go to the gym or the pool (maybe both) to get any toxins out of my body and to relieve stress!
Lunch- I usually eat a salad with white meat and a few pieces of fruit. At this stage in the day, I also make sure I’m into my second bottle of filtered water!
Night- I eat mainly cook vegetables in olive oil infused with garlic, onion, and sometimes turmeric and lemon juice. I have a nice shower (not to hot because it irritates my skin) and then apply QV’s deep moisturizer and coconut oil to help my scalp. II also take omega 3, vitamins D and C, calcium, immune boosters, grape seed, and milk thistle tablets. I make sure that’s I’ve finished at least 3 liters of water!

Do you avoid gluten, and what do you think about Gluten sensitivity in Psoriasis?

I most definitely avoid gluten in my diet! The chemical compounds of gluten react without stomach and digestive system resulting in inflammation and irritation, therefor inflaming, and irritating our skin! It is important to stick with food that passes through our bodies the easiest! Gluten is not one of those things!

What to eat for breakfast, could you share your gluten-free meal choices?

I LOVE BREAKFAST TIME! I am a big fan of morning smoothies, I put everything in my smoothies from vegetables to apple cider vinegar. My main smoothie consists of almonds, coconut oil, honey, a Olle cider vinegar, water, frozen berry mix, mango, kiwi (with the skin on), banana, pineapple, apple, pear, celery, carrot, cucumber, and spinach! The secret to a yummy tasting smoothie is the honey and coconut oil!! So good, so refreshing, so anti-inflammatory, and just the perfect breakfast!

Name your top 3 Non-food Triggers

Big life changes

Please share your Tips for healing, how do you fight flare-ups?

To fight my flare-ups, I moisturize with coconut oil, aloe Vera, and a good QV cream. I also drink aloe Vera nectar in the mornings 30 minutes before food, and I make sure I detox every night with lemon, honey, ginger, and apple cider vinegar tea. Relaxing is also key in a flare-up! I try and talk a salt bath with smoke relaxing music and take a nap in the tub. Another great tip is to do some exercise, it cleans the body and activates the digestive system.

What would you tell those who are newly diagnosed and looking for answers?

My advice would be that everyone is different, and we are all born the way we are for a reason. Our Psoriasis isn’t a burden but a gift for life improvement and good health! I would also tell them that they’re beautiful and there Psoriasis only adds to it! It’s not our fault society sometimes isolates us, and it’s not their fault for not understanding our condition. They are just scared of the unknown, so we need to stay strong and speak up to provide them with the information. Let’s smile our way through this! Positive vibes, always!

Love Bree

Find out more about Bree’s Journey on her Instagram page @psoriasis_beauty

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