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COVID-19 and Psoriasis

COVID-19 and Psoriasis

Does COVID-19 affect people with Autoimmune Disorders differently?

Adam Garrett has psoriasis and recently got COVID-19, we asked his to share more details of his experience

Hi Adam, How did you find out that you got Affected with COVID-19?

When I was cleaning up my yard after Hurricane Hanna, I noticed I was getting exhausted very quickly. That exhaustion persisted the remainder of the day, and at night I spiked a fever of 99.9. I went to get tested the next day, and it came back positive.

How do you think you got infected?

A week before I felt any symptoms, my father-in-law had been feeling very tired. Everyone believed he was just tired because work had been stressful for him lately. The night of Hurricane Hanna, he developed breathing problems, and the next day tested positive. It makes sense that I was infected through him at some point during the week.

Were you hospitalized?

I did spend one day at the hospital due to extreme disorientation and dizziness, but I was discharged later that afternoon. Thankfully I did not need to spend any nights in the hospital.

How did you feel in General?

I had a whole plethora of symptoms: Fatigue, body pain, skin pain, loss of taste and smell, fever, eye pain, nausea, delirium, disorientation, and dizziness. I felt like I was being crushed the first week and felt drunk the second week. Doing simple tasks like making a phone call was cognitively extremely difficult. COVID hit me much harder than I ever imagined it would.

Did it affect your Breathing and Mobility?

My mobility was severely impacted the second week. Simply standing took so much energy that I just didn’t have. Thankfully my breathing was clear during infection.

Did it trigger a Flareup?

Yes. My scalp has been pretty bad and I developed a new patch on the back of my right leg. Thankfully it’s a small one!

How many days it continued?

From start to finish, my symptoms persisted 13 long days.

What medications you were prescribed?

I was given meclizine for dizziness and a 5 day course of hydroxychloroquine for COVID on day 8. I truly believe the hcq helped speed up my recovery on week 2.

Were you taking any Psoriasis Medications or Biologics at the time, If yes, did you have to stop those to take COVID medicines?

No. I believe many ailments can be managed through natural means to some degree. I have been fortunate enough to have success in this.

Do you have any side effects from medications of COVID?

Thankfully I have had no side effects.

Did anyone else got infected in the same household, how did it affect them?

My wife also got covid and had some symptoms, but thankfully not as severe as I did. She had a loss of taste and smell, eye pain, some body pain for a few days, and a migraine. My kids had absolutely no symptoms! I’m so thankful for that.

I did my best to keep a distance, but it’s difficult when your toddler wants to crawl all over you. My wife is amazing. She kept the house under control while I was stuck in bed for 13 days.

What precautions you taking now?

I’m basically doing the same thing I did prior: Wash my hands before eating, touching food, or touching my face. I’m continuing my vitamin and herbal regimen to make sure I make a full recovery. Based on the suspected mode of infection, there really wasn’t much I could have done. We are a close knit family with two young children who love to see their grandparents.

What tips and advice you can share with others who have psoriasis and worried about getting infected with COVID?

Keep your immune system as healthy as possible. Vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc are the three primary vitamins to consume that can keep your immune system functioning. There are also a number of herbal supplements that have potent antiviral properties such as black seed. I know many people use immunosuppressants to manage their psoriasis, which makes the need for vitamins even greater. And if you happen to contract COVID, don’t panic. It’s not a death sentence. This is very important to keep in the front of your mind with all the negativity and fear being thrown at us every time we turn on the TV. Remember that odds of survival are greatly in your favor. Also, drink tons of fluids, take vitamins diligently, and eat a clean diet. Soup and other liquid meals were easiest for me.

What complications have you experienced since having COVID?

COVID caused my childhood asthma to flare for the first time in over 15 years and has left me with an erratic heart rate. My scalp is also still flaring. The after-effects of COVID seem to persist well past infection and, since COVID is still new, we don’t know how long these effects will last. It’s been unsettling at times. But I try to stay positive and know that what I’m doing to keep my body healthy will pay off with a complete, 100% recovery from COVID.

You can find out more about Adam’s journey and ask him questions on his Instagram account @theplantpoweredspartan


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