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Gabby’s Psoriasis Journey

Gabby’s Psoriasis Journey

Happy Psoriasis Awareness Month!

Hi Gabby, can you tell us about your journey

When were you diagnosed? 

I first saw the patches pop up on my elbows and knees when I was 15. 

What do you think caused the outbreak?

I think it had something to do with puberty and stress. I was eating whatever I wanted and I internalize stress so I believe it came up as a reaction of that. 

What food do you eat and avoid?

I like to avoid sugar, dairy, and gluten (the standard). I try to eat a lot of veggies (leafy greens and anti-inflammatory veggies). I usually try to make juices or smoothies with turmeric, coconut oil, and celery.  

Do you avoid gluten?

I avoid gluten, I’ve always found with my skin a link to gluten intolerance and psoriasis. I find if I eat a lot of gluten it has a negative effect on my bowls and gut so I like to avoid it if possible. 

Let’s talk Breakfast 

Breakfast I like to have a lot of smoothies and even roast veggies. Banana smoothie with nut mix, coconut water, protein powder, chia seeds and honey. I do eat a lot of eggs for breakfast so that’s interesting. I’d love for you to send me some info on why I should avoid eggs. I’ve seen mixed info online.

Name your top 3 Triggers
  • Stress – if I’m overwhelmed and stressed I get a flare-up pretty regularly 
  • Sugar – If I’ve eaten a fair amount of sugar I’ll notice my skin flaring 
  • Alcohol – I’ve noticed recently my skin is reacting more to alcohol consumption

Please share your Tips for healing, how do you fight flare-ups? 

  • Keeping skin highly moisturised – have baths with coconut oil and QV bath oil 
  • Exercise and try to meditate – reduce stress if possible 
  • Light Treatment – start regular light treatment sessions 
What would you tell those who are newly diagnosed and looking for answers?

It’s a pretty uncertain/depression realization that psoriasis is now apart of your life. It’s been a major and minor part of mine at different times. For newly diagnosed people I would say acceptance and education is the first step for being at peace with it. It will be amazing and terrible at different stages of your life. Key is to learn how to ride the wave and do everything you can to help reduce the severity of flare-ups

Find out more about Gaby and her Journey via her Instagram account @flakey___

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