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Greetings from Germany!

Greetings from Germany!

Happy Psoriasis Awareness Month!

We gathered the most asked Psoriasis questions and Interviewed Psoriasis Warriors on Instagram.
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Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

When were you Diagnosed with Psoriasis, and what do you think caused the outbreak?

I was diagnosed at the age of 17. It was the first time I had a very hard psoriasis attack in my whole body because of a heavy separation from my first love.
This was too much for my heart and head, I think. My skin was 90% full of red dots. Terrible.

What Foods do you Avoid and What Foods do you Eat to Heal Psoriasis?

Then I think about my nutrition. At that time, I ate meat, eggs and milk. I changed my nutrition to the vegan way because all the animal products are bad for the psoriasis skin. The red dots are itching like hell, and the vegan food helped me a lot not to itch myself.

Before this, I tried cortison cremes. My skin got thin like paper, and it got worse and worse. I didn’t like it this way. The chemical way wasn’t the right one for me.

Do you avoid gluten, and what do you think about Gluten sensitivity in Psoriasis?

I eat a lot of vegetables, rice, potatoes, and other vegan products and bread. Oh, I love bread, so I eat gluten… to be honest, I haven’t dealt much with gluten yet and not to eat it anymore. Maybe I just try it?

What is your Breakfast like?

Oooh, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I think. I eat oats with nuts and oat milk every morning. Sometimes with fruits like apple and banana.

What triggers your Psoriasis?

What are my triggers… That’s an important question. Since my first heavy outbreak at the age of 17, I got the second bad outbreak at the age of 25. All the years between I had healthy skin because of vegan food. Maybe when my psyche is struggling with anything very difficult, it is a trigger point.

Please share your Tips for healing Psoriasis, how do you fight flare-ups?

What type of care I use for my flare-ups… I really love the oil “neo balistol”. It is a really natural oil that relaxed the terrible skin, and the skin can breathe, I think. I used it during my first outbreak and helped me a lot. During my second attack, I used a shea butter-based creme with black seed oil. In my opinion, it is important for my healing process, not to use chemical medication, I don’t like that anything that is not natural.

What would you tell those who are newly diagnosed with Psoriasis?

The most important point I would tell everybody with Psoriasis is: please, accept your skin, try to love yourself with sick skin. I know, at the beginning of your psoriasis journey, you are sad and hate yourself for your skin, perhaps you asked yourself ‚why me?!’ But the red dots on your body tell you something. You must find out what your skin wants to tell you. Maybe you eat too much junk food, or you have a lot of mental stress. You must find a way for yourself to deal with it. For myself, Qi Gong helps me a lot and meditation.
Thank you for the interview and sorry for my bad English 🙂
Greets from Germany!

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