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Kez’s Psoriasis Journey

Kez’s Psoriasis Journey

Happy Psoriasis Awareness Month!


Hi Kez, please tell us a bit about yourself


Hi, I’m Kez, I’m 24 years old from Manchester, England.


When were you Diagnosed with Psoriasis?


Officially I was diagnosed in summer 2015, but I’d suffered from it and was misdiagnosed from 2010.


What do you think caused the Psoriasis outbreak?


– When I was younger, I definitely think a poor diet contributed. My diet was very heavy in processed foods. But also it was an age I really started to feel the anxiety kicking in, and I was picking up on stress at high school.


What Foods do you Avoid?


– Gluten (100%), Dairy (80%), bell peppers


What Foods do you Eat to Heal Psoriasis?


– I try to eat lots of veg with most meals but other than that my diet really
hasn’t changed. I calorie count for weight loss and so naturally, I haven’t got a lot of super processed or high in sugar foods anyway. I’d say I have a pretty staple-led diet just gluten, dairy, and pepper free.


Do you avoid gluten and what do you think about Gluten sensitivity in Psoriasis?


– I think it’s definitely “a thing”. Medically I was told you’re either Coeliac
or you’re not, you can’t be sensitive to gluten. But since I’ve cut it out my psoriasis has just got better and better, if I have a bit by accident I have all the symptoms come back (that are often misdiagnosed as just IBS) as well as my scalp starting to flake back or underneath my eyes go rough. I think there’s a reason many people get results with their psoriasis journey, but cutting out gluten is critical in my opinion.


Let’s Talk Psoriasis friendly Breakfast

– Breakfast is easy and I honestly think people really overthink it. There’s
some amazing GF brands in the UK (Schar being the main one).

Gluten-free oats are great and there’s nothing wrong with oats and honey or a banana with it. You don’t HAVE to do fancy porridge bowls – who has time for that? Also, free from cereals are quick, easy, and delicious. On weekends it can be harder but do what works for you, I haven’t cut out eggs and meats and my psoriasis has healed regardless. Just because some people cut it out and it works doesn’t mean you have to for you if something else works.


Name your top 3 PsoriasisTriggers


– Stress – prolonged periods of high stress which occur a lot of me
– Being tired – if I’m tired I’m more likely to not eat as many fruits, veggies, and nice wholesome meals, I’m more likely to grab crisps, biscuits, or whatever. Even though they’re not “bad” my scalp gets itchy. I need veggies.
– Washing and styling my hair too much – overexposure to hair washing and then drying and straightening just dries my scalp completely and surrounding areas like behind my ears and the back of my neck too!


Please share your Tips for healing, how do you fight Psoriasis


– Get in a good routine: know what you’re having for tea in the morning and get things out for that. Get a hair washing routine sorted. Get a consistent
skincare routine in place.
– Surround yourself with understanding people: If “your friends” add to stress because they make comments about your psoriasis, you literally don’t need it so remove yourself.

– Don’t always go with easy answers: just because a doctor has given you a cream, if it’s not working – listen and research natural ways e.g diet, swapping for natural products, etc.
– Don’t take a one size fits all approach: what works for me probably doesn’t
work for you. I can’t touch peppers but that doesn’t mean you have to cut out all nightshades. Just because heat styling causes flare-ups doesn’t mean it will for you. Learn your approach.
– Little by little: keep it sustainable in small chunks, you can’t cut
everything out in one go. Do one thing for a month, assess, and continue or try something else.


What would you tell those who are newly diagnosed with Psoriasis and
looking for answers?


– LISTEN! I can’t tell you how sad it is when newly diagnosed individuals message to ask for help and you suggest gluten-free and they just don’t even ask for more info, they just say “hm, I don’t think I can do that”.

The psoriasis community is so supportive and they’ll only say whats worked for them as sufferers in my experience.

Heck, I created this profile off listening and learning from other sufferers who have healed.
– Keep your head up: you can and will get through your rough patches (literally) and you have so many peoples’ support too, we’re always here to help!

Find out more about Kez’s journey via her Instagram account @_givemesomeskin/

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