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Rodrigo’s Psoriasis Journey

Rodrigo’s Psoriasis Journey

Psoriasis Awareness Month Interview with Rodrigo.

Hi everyone, my name is Rodrigo, I am 38 years old, I am from Colombia and I live in Boston, I am married and I have a beautiful 5-year-old son.  This is the story of my 10 years with psoriasis.

When were you Diagnosed with Psoriasis? 

I have psoriasis for more than 10 years, only I did not know what it was, I had outbreaks, irritations but they were mild, I went to the doctor the first time, and he told me that it was a slight irritation and he took betamethasone Initially it healed. It sporadically appeared but was removed with betamethasone. Two years ago my body was altered, and an outbreak started to appear as a kind of dandruff on my head, I thought it was dandruff, I used several shampoos until my hair started to fall out and the irritation was worse, at the same time my ears, hands, legs, my whole body started to get irritated and the skin to dry and break, I was bleeding. It was at that moment that I decided to go to the doctor again and after several exams, I was officially diagnosed with psoriasis.

What do you think caused it?

Many factors, depending on the time of my life, obviously stress eating and having a sedentary lifestyle

What Foods do you Avoid?

Mainly processed foods ( canned food, packaged potato chips, microwave food) Cow’s milk, sausages, sodas,  avoid high-fat foods, and alcohol.

What Foods do you Eat to Heal? 

Green foods, cucumber, celery, broccoli, spinach, avocados, zucchini, I drink a lot of water, green tea, there is a tea that I love, I prepare it with ginger, cinnamon, and lemon.

Do you avoid gluten and what do you think about Gluten sensitivity in Psoriasis? 

I eat them in very low amounts because I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome.  So let’s say that avoiding them for the syndrome also helps psoriasis.

Let’s talk Breakfast ideas 

For me, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I want it to be the best I can eat. I have a routine that I have been doing for a while and it has worked for me, not only because of my psoriasis but also because I have an irritable colon.  I try to get up very early and I take tea, cinnamon tea, lemon tea, turmeric tea, cinnamon tea, ginger lemon, green tea, etc. And I wait between 40 min and an hour, and then I eat my breakfast.  I have no problem with eggs, I make an egg sandwich with spinach or avocado. I use grain bread or “Arepas” which is a kind of very Colombian bread that is made from cornmeal that is gluten-free. and drinking water, or orange juice or fruit tea.

Name your top 3 Triggers

Anxiety, worries, and sadness at the end are all states of stress, it’s funny but sometimes the heat or sweat irritates the outbreaks.

Please share your Tips for healing, how do you fight flare-ups? 

I’ve tried several things, but I can say that cutting a cucumber slice and massaging on top of the sprout relieves me. I am using some products also that relieve irritation. I also started to lose a little weight. Take a fitness lifestyle.

What would you tell those who are newly diagnosed and looking for answers?

I think it is important to go to the doctor and receive a diagnosis, and if possible treatment, and combine it with good eating and sports habits, also have a lot of calm, avoid stress. each body is different, there are foods and things in common that alter psoriasis, but it is best to know your own body, to know what foods, treatments, creams or products help or affect you. the most important thing is that we are warriors we are never alone we will always find friends that we will help each other

Find out more on Instagram:  @Rinho_psoriasis_life

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