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She Healed Her Nail Psoriasis Naturally

She Healed Her Nail Psoriasis Naturally
She showed that it is possible and left Instagram
How did she heal and why did she leave? Read the full story to find out.
This is a real-life story and nail psoriasis healing journey that will make you think and maybe help you in some way.

Hello, I am Di Ya, I have been diagnosed with Plaque Psoriasis in 2003 and Nail Psoriasis in 2011, it has been a long journey since then. I learned to manage my skin psoriasis and currently, it is in remission, however, I suffer from nail psoriasis. I still search for answers; How to heal Nail Psoriasis naturally?

This is one of the most asked psoriasis related questions on the internet and I have searched my self over and over again to see if anyone had a success story to share.

Last September I came across a post on the Instagram, where beautiful soul shared her healthy-looking nail photos saying:

Nail psoriasis finally gone ?I’m not on here much as it’s still the kids holidays and I’m spending quality time with my princess.
Another thing was I was spending too much time on here and after my health scare I’ve realised what’s important.
Sorry went off on one there.
Point is nail psoriasis is good right now, anyone else seeing success?
#nailp #nailpsoriasis #psoriasis #autoimmunedisease #healing #happy #health

03/ SEPTEMBER / 2019

Scrolling through her posts I found her 1st post with nail psoriasis photos and the caption:

As if skin psoriasis isn’t enough I’ve been blessed with nail psoriasis ?
This is pretty new to me & although I keep my skin under control with my diet, it’s obviously not working on my nails.
Normally I’ll gel them but wanted to share before I do.
So any nail psoriasis tips welcome please ?

01 / JULY / 2018

And she shared another post in between these:

Let’s talk nail psoriasis ???‍♀️ The first two pictures were 1st September just after my holiday, the nail bed was receding and my nails felt like they may fall off. They were good before I left & I was shocked at how fast they deteriorated. I can only put this down to a week of bad food ( all inclusive is tough on a psoriasis friendly diet ) plus stress. I know the point of a holiday is to relax and I did manage some of that but there were also some stressful periods, and that was down to my sisters teenagers ? my daughter was a dream, I am not looking forward to the teens! Sorry, I digressed! Back to psoriasis! So the last two pictures show them almost back to normal, just goes to show the power of food and emotions on our physical health. Food is definitely a major contributing factor in my psoriasis, fingers crossed my skin holds out now winter is en route ??? #psoriasis #nailpsoriasis #healingwithfood #plantbased #foodismedicine

05 / OCTOBER / 2019

As you can see, her post in July 2018 shows nails receding from the nail bed which is common in nail psoriasis, by September 2018 they were more affected, by October 2018 she managed to improve and they look so much better, by September 2019 she has healthy, healed nails and she gives all the credit to food and stress management.

I wanted to share her story with the community, so I sent her a direct message asking what does she think helped to heal and she replied:

I’ve relaxed my diet, I’ve tried not to focus too much on diet or psoriasis. I eat healthy, but not obsessively.  I only cut out gluten and have re introduced lots of food I never used to eat. I can help more but I’m off to work now.

It took me a while to get back to the subject and when finally I decided to take the time to share and wanted to ask her few more questions, her account was silent, she left Instagram and her post said:

more.than.a.skin.thing's profile picture

Wishing all my followers a lovely Christmas and amazing 2020.
I’m deleting my account before the years out.
It’s been a pleasure being here and getting to know you all.
I will come back on Instagram but not as a lady who has psoriasis, or as a lady who gives out advice about healing psoriasis.
Psoriasis is a life long condition that has periods of remission. These remission periods can take place while eating a healthy diet, but can also happen when being less strict.
I don’t condone or adhere to a strict diet anymore, there’s more to life than restrictions.
Yes, a healthy lifestyle and diet are still very important to me, I’ll still exercise gently and practice yoga when I can. I’ll still eat healthily, except when I fancy a treat.
What I have learned is that if you focus too much on having psoriasis and you follow everything there is to know about psoriasis, you may even follow every diet that others claim to of used.
But it consumes you, and you no longer become you, you become a person with psoriasis.
I am a person with psoriasis but there’s more to me than that.
Getting ill in the summer made me see what priorities I had wrong, this is why I’ve not been so active.
Instagram is a wonderful thing but it’s virtual reality.
Stay real people, and thanks again, I’ve had a wonderful time getting to know you all ??? #psoriasis #psoriasiswarrior #skinhealth #thankyou #imoff #moretolife #life #healthy

Her journey motivated me in a way, this kind of posts gives me hope that healing takes time and dedication, but it is possible! It also reminds me that, you can’t be too hard on your self. Heavily restricted diets and overthinking can actually do more harm than help.

This is not to say don’t follow a diet, If you have psoriasis you know that avoiding certain foods and following a healthier lifestyle can help clear up and even put it on remission for a long time and I do believe that well-balanced, anti-inflammatory diets do help psoriasis, But so far, I haven’t stick to one long enough to judge.

I believe just avoiding well known “Psoriasis Triggers” supports my skin remission and the list is long enough;


  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Nightshades
  • Dairy
  • Sugar
  • Overly Spicy Foods
  • Deep-Fried Foods
  • Processed Food Products / High-Sodium Foods
  • Carbonated Beverages
  • Gluten (avoiding gluten seems to help in severe cases)

Watch out for;

  • Stress
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Cold and Flu
  • Constipation

Almost everything above triggers my skin psoriasis which remains on my elbow, and if I ignore the first signs which are mild itch and flaky elbow, I might get small spots on my arm around the elbow. If I have to be more specific and highlight my triggers are specifically;

  • Eggplants, Tomatoes, Potatoes from nightshades
  • Unfermented Dairy, like Milk, Cooking Cream and Cheese (I don’t have flareups with Fermented Dairy like Yoghurt and Feta Cheese are ok for me)
  • Spicy Food
  • Frozen Red Meat Sausages
  • Carbonated Drinks like Cocacola and Pepsi and stuff (that hurts my nail following morning I have mild pain around affected nails)
  • Chickpeas, Mungbeans, Peanuts and Peanut Products
  • Sweet Corn (sadly, my favourite vegetable which I could eat non stop is a guaranteed trigger for me)
  • Not eating on time and under-eating or fasting (intermittent fasting is not my thing)
  • Lack of Sleep, Lack of exercise and Stress of course
  • Constipation, guaranteed to affect my skin and my nails if more than one day delay.
  • Candida, (gluten and sugar gives me candida and after candida comes flare-ups so I cut sugar and limit gluten as much as I can)
  • Cold and Flu

It was hard to memorize and follow what to eat or do and what not in the beginning, however by time it became a habit, so if you are new to all this and struggling to cope, know that it will get easier later and you won’t think its a big deal, besides, these triggers are not only for psoriasis but for many other immune disorders, by following these we are protecting our health from further possible health problems.

I want to thank @more.than.a.skin.thing for sharing her journey with the community. I hope she is now happy and healthy.

What about you? How are your skin and nails? Don’t hesitate to share your story and you might be changing someone else’s.

Di Ya

Di Ya

Hi! I am Di Ya,  Psoriasis warrior since 2003. I am not a doctor, nor a nutritionist. I am just a patient who has 17 years of experience with Psoriasis and learning to heal naturally. Posts shared here are based on personal experiences and opinion, thus created for informational purposes only and is not to be perceived as professional advice in regards to health or any other field. I hope this community will motivate and help thousands of people to heal naturally. Stay positive Stay healthy, Let's Heal Together!  You can read about my journey here  

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