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What stress means to you? Community answers

What stress means to you? Community answers

We asked our amazing Instagram community

  • How would you describe stress?
  • Does Psoriasis stress you? If yes, Would you say it is the main reason for your stress?
  • Do you take time to offload stress and how?

This is what they had to say;


1. Stress to me is overthinking, panicking, and not taking time to sit and think things over. Stress is madness and an awful feeling.

2. These days I don’t let my psoriasis stress me, back when I was a teenager it stressed me out big time and it’s all I would think about. These days stress for me is more my fast-paced work, trying to fit too much into one day and also paying bills/ saving money can be stressful.

3. I take time and I relax, I zone out, watch my favorite trashy reality tv, I have a healthy smoothie, so positive things, and sometimes read too. Sometimes we just need to sit still, write it all down and get it out of our system.


Stress to me is feeling overwhelmed or frustrated by something. Often something you can’t control.

I am focusing a lot on trying to let go of the things I cannot control and let things just flow. Doing the best I can with the things I can control. Stressful situations in my life have definitely caused flare-ups. And seeing the flares has definitely caused more stress because I felt I could not control it.

Now I try to embrace my psoriasis, believing in myself and not looking at it as a negative in my life. I love to relax by spending a day in the sun at the beach, out for a long walk, spending time with and talking to friends, or even just lighting my favorite candle and curling up with some tv when I feel stressed.

To me, stress is a load of senses all coming into play at once, causing an overwhelming feeling- the adrenaline rush, anxiety, fear.

Psoriasis definitely caused me a lot of stress – I was always self-conscious and comparing myself to others, always worried about what other people would think, thinking of ways to cover up my skin, trying new methods to fix my skin. It was definitely one of my main stressors.

I found the best way to offload stress was to focus on things that you are in your control – maintaining a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly, focusing on progressing my career.


stress to me is crushing… it puts a stop to almost everything I do that’s productive almost like not being in control of yourself but being present enough to know I can get through it


Stress to me is something that gets built up over time due to something else bothering you that you haven’t given your full attention too.

When it comes to psoriasis, I try not to think too much about it by focusing on what I already have and being grateful for like eyes to see legs to walk etc.

Time to time, you do have to offload from stress is a good way like regular exercise, going outdoors in nature, reading books, and sometimes even just watching a movie.


Yummy! Love the answers above ❤️ Stress to me is our interpretation of a situation, how we think we can handle a perceived challenge.

When I’m off-balance I def interpret things as stressful and that messes with my skin.

To help, I meditate, journal, and tend to myself – when I take care of my body, soul, and heart – I feel I can handle anything ❤️ xo.


psoriasis stories stress and psoriasis

I describe stress as an overload! To me, stress is giving yourself to much to cope with and not enough outlet to process it. Psoriasis has stressed me in the past but it’s a big goal of mine now to embrace it.

I don’t let psoriasis be the main thought process in my life and try and concentrate on other things as well, this way I’m not overloaded.

I focus on health, fitness, a healthy amount of work, and sleeping well.


Oof. Stress. Let’s see.
To me, stress can have multiple descriptions. First: Stress is a feeling of urgency to correct something, do something, or make a change that I can’t necessarily do at that moment. It leaves me feeling rather helpless because of various circumstances.

Second: Stress is a feeling that coincides with worry. Worrying about things that are mostly out of my control, or worried about the consequences of a specific decision, places a weight on my shoulders and chest. Psoriasis doesn’t stress me, but my stress can trigger my psoriasis. I’ve accepted my flaky scalp, “snow”-covered shoulders, and sometimes painful joints as part of who I am. I know if I’m having any of those symptoms, then I need to correct some aspects of my health.

I destress by spending time with my family. Playing with my children is the purest form of joy.


? Stress is a B**CH! LOL! Seriously. It teaches you what your triggers are so you know what to avoid or work on at the same time. Stress is a reaction to something happening in our lives that needs our attention. Whether it’s something we need to let go, change, redirect, confront, etc. Acceptance has helped me to recognize it more so than to react to it and be able to be more clear in my reaction to it.

? Psoriasis can definitely stress me out. Any time I think a flare is happening or an area is getting worse instead of better. But knowing I have to alleviate stress as much as possible, I look at psoriasis differently now. I look at it with love and nurture it, give it what it needs to feel better and heal. Knowing that I am doing that for myself also lowers stress about it. When it was really bad earlier in the year, it was definitely my main stressor. But now it is not.

? Learning to manage stress has been MAJOR for me this year! I listen to my body and mind and chill at any time I need to. I’ve also had to learn to accept that doing that is OK. If something feels good, that is what I do. Whether it is get lost in a favorite show, color, read, journal, meditate, walk my dog, tinker in my garden, cook something new, listen to music, knit. Finding different hobbies to do to keep me and my mind busy is the KEY. Incorporating these things have been amazing! I’m definitely less stressed these days and now that I have created things to do to manage stress I am also more confident that I can handle it much better. ?


Stress is a blockage of energy flow. It is a lack of release. It is a sledgehammer into titanium steel. The blockage pumps the volatile vibration inward. Into the body. The body then responds with steroids and hormones to prepare for survival fight or flight. This causes psoriasis and other diseases to activate and spread. All physical illness roots in mental and emotional illness and stress volatility are the measuring stick ( peaks and valleys VS an even plane of existence ). A mental solution is the work of Equanimity. Start with a simple T chart in your journal. On the left “THINGS INSIDE MY CONTROL” & on the right “THINGS OUTSIDE MY CONTROL”. Then fill it in until your mind is done vomiting. Focus your efforts on the left list and practice release on the right list. You will see how this releases the blockages, the energy flows to others as goodwill and inward as gratitude. Now we are on the Path of balance in a meadow. Obviously, there are many more stops to cover. Holler at me if you wanna rap about it ?✊Much Love. ➡️ @psoriasishealingwarrior

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